World class digital design and build doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of rigorous process – and impeccable attention to detail. At We Make Live, we make that our number one priority.

We question. We listen.

Before we can specify, design and develop a great app, we ask the right questions. We always ensure that we have a clear understanding of your end goals – and that you’re happy with us before we begin.

We spec. We prototype.

Depending on the scope and scale of your project, we’ll either write a specification document to capture all we’ve learned or develop a clickable prototype that demonstrates how the basic functionality will work – without design or messaging.  

We talk. We evolve.

Once we’ve developed your wireframes, we’ll make sure that key stakeholders are happy, and capture any remaining requirements. For more complex applications, we’ll create a detailed specification document to help clarify the prototype.

We design.

A great application has to look the part. So we use some of the UK’s best digital designers to apply a visual look and feel that’s perfectly aligned with your brand.

We develop.

We then code your application using the latest, proven web technologies, with robust x-crosse code on the front end and the latest RESTful API powering the app behind the scenes. With review points built in along the way, we’ll always seek your feedback on key areas.

We test. We tweak.

After your application has been developed, we iron out any bugs and make sure that it fulfils your objectives – capturing your input to ensure it delivers.

We deploy.

From helping you configure your own hardware to configuring bespoke hardware solution for your application, we always ensure that we get your final deployment spot-on.